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I've lost my edge.

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[14 May 2005|05:15pm]

So i just joined. why dont people post?
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[14 Mar 2005|09:31pm]

check it fool
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[06 Mar 2005|11:30pm]

if you are using aim add me to your buddy list (x13ghstchant)
i have 3,000+ files of music, good music, mostly full albums
once youve added me right click on my screen name and then go to getfile
from there choose what you want and then click get...

i just recently added:

a love for enemies - the harvest (new cd)
the haunted - one kill wonder (whole album)
poison the well - all albums

and im in the middle of downloading the led zepplin box set

once ur in my getfile feel free to take what ever you want
once again my screen name is x13ghstchant
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[26 Jan 2005|06:34pm]

i just got the boston beatdown 2 dvd in the mail. if you havnt heard of this video its a documetary on the scene in boston that plays home to the violent FSU crew. Im sure the FSU kids and bands are tough, but this video is horrible. I appreciate the unique look into the history of boston hardcore and stuff, but i didnt find it worth a second watch.

anyone like it?
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[23 Jan 2005|02:07pm]

I, for some reason, thought this to be a debating community, I assume I was wrong.
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Un-edge [22 Jan 2005|11:59pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Strait edge...eh, that term has been blurred through and re-arranged so many times does anyone have any fucking idea what it means anymore? , does anyone remember why that mongrel of term was started? But by the bases that I have no fucking idea as to what I'm talking about half the time, I'll use the strait edge I am constantly surrounded by due to the surplus of post-Nick Lowe fans. By no means do I follow a strait edge guideline, I used to think, follow that shit, live it, HARDcore man, eh.

Times change, with it, people. I realized soon into my freshman year that, stemming from music, strait edge was just some fucking term invented by that one mother fucker who felt left out at a Madball concert. The next Rivers Cumo, a deadly mother-fucker, who affected every single pre-wave mind. So...why follow Rivers Cumo's young prodigy on his effort to starve fans from their music? It's simple, he labeled it a "scene", "If you want to be HARDcore man, you got live that shit, devote your life to it, Strait Edge, drug free ,sex free, free from the poison that accompanies your body when you take a drag."

And so, the select few remained un-scathed,maybe even more put on to do what they do. But OH how the masses followed this term, accompanied it to their music. "Shit yo, did you hear that new sXe band yo, we gotta get up in dat shit, HARDcore" Heh.

How does whether you're thrashed or not, have anything to do with how you enjoy the music...ah...IT DOSEN'T.

I like to get shit-faced, this is true, mostly based on the fact that it helps me forget, and what's better than forgetting painfully memories? Getting thrashed some more!

It's about the music, not whether or not you bring your peace pipe. Fuck off you D.A.R.E wankers

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sXe [16 Jan 2005|10:28pm]

[ mood | yesm...debate..of course... ]

hi...i just joined this community...i hope it will be awesome to debate on how someone is in the edge or not? do you think so?
emoXcore777 Jason xXx

add me if you want to know more about me...

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[08 Nov 2004|03:39pm]

Someone left me a comment inviting me to join this community, I said, "sure, what the fuck, sounds like fun". And it is. I enjoy messing with edge kids who take themselves too seriously.

But here's a question that's not been asked: why are you NOT edge?

My idea of 'living to the fullest' differs from that of the edge kids, it seems. I'd rather experience all the ups and downs, because I get bored otherwise. By default I'm a depressive person, and if I'm all clean, it weighs down hard like a stone around my neck. I like drinking because it simply feels good, it lightens the burden on my shoulders and makes it easier for me to come out of my introverted shell. I don't drink heavily, I very rarely puke or black out or anything, but when I do, I get drunk. I like smoking weed because the altered state of consciousness of being stoned is interesting, it makes food taste better and other things less boring. (I am susceptible to peer pressure, though; I would not smoke as much pot as I do if I wasn't best friends with a stoner. I'm from Northern California, though, we have one of the world's highest stoner populations.) I'm curious about psychedelic experiences like mushrooms, but I already feel my mind is pretty open, and frankly acid scares me; I'm not the most stable person ever, and while acid will NOT make you go crazy, it can bring latent problems to the forefront. Real powerful stuff.
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not edge [23 Oct 2004|12:54pm]

[ mood | bored ]

yup not edge at all. my name is chris and im from Long Island new york, i think that if a person doesnt want to have sex, smoke, do drugs, not have caffinne thats kool but i dont think it should be made into a pact...making it a pact is pretty lame when u honestly think about it. and the way people spread it like its a fucking religion or something, i mean okay im pretty straight when it comes right down to it, i dont smoke i dont do any sort of drugs, i drink on occasion and i dont have famisquis sex..or how ever its spelt but i mean people should be able to do what they want with out others critisizing..i cant spell for shit today lol. in long island its very rare that u find a sXe kid but when u do they have to be one of the biggest assholes u will ever meet and try to force thier beliefs on you like its some ort of faith. so take this which ever way u wish


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Something i need to say.... [23 Oct 2004|11:16pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey, i'm new to this community. I was reading over a rather long bitch fight about edge in the comments for one of the posts and i just wanna say that James knows what he's talkin' about so fuck up. To the people payin' out on edge.... two words.... you're clueless!!

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[15 Oct 2004|03:46pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Hey I go by "Ann" and I am thinking about becoming sxe after a TERRIBLE experience with drinking alcohol this past Saturday. It just seems so right, to be poison free. Although I went through a stage where pot and alcohol were a priority to me, they were only a priority because it was everyone else's priority. I can never truly say that I liked the way that alcohol or weed made me feel. I hated it, in fact. Alcohol makes you feel like shit and to me it felt like shit (and tasted like shit) from the first sip to the last. Saturday my girlfriend handed me my first beer that night and I stared at it for ten minutes until she finally told me to "drink up" and I wasn't going to until it accidently stained my lips from a bystanders nudge... So I just said "What the fuck, my life is wrong anyway" and drank away. There was plenty more drank after that, including vodka/redbull... etcetcetdafkljsdaflaskj.... My life has been so dark lately and I'm not allowed to see/speak to/write to my girlfriend or my dad (the cop that pulled me over Saturday in town... Yeah, I know... SUCKS ASS) will, because my girlfriend is nineteen and I'm nowhere near 18, get her arrested. My grades are failing and I'm coming back to this old dusty computer that I used to call my life to get ideas on how I can fix this. Sxe seems like a good way to do it. Cigarettes are an expensive habit, too... It's like what the fuck am I doing... An addiction such as that is too ridiculous to have at my age. I'm quitting. As soon as I am everything free and I have learned more about sxe through this LJ comm, I'm doing it. Sxe life is for me.



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new [08 Oct 2004|10:47pm]

hey whats up, im new to this community and new at actually being SxE
i live in Midland,Tx and everyone here always drinks and smokes weed all the time and its so annoying
I decided to turn straight edge after seeing how my brother always gets high and how it was stupid
I used to do the drink and weed thing but, like i said, it was stupid. I started drinking alcohol when i was 12, and i got tired of it as well, so i was done with that too.
Also, i need peoples help, I am writing a paper in my english class and i decided to do it on the history or staright edge and whatnot
how being sxe and not being sxe and whatnot, anyhelp with websites, books, and stuff, let me know
I like a lot of bands that are or arent sxe
a lot of hxc music and stuff
bleeding through
also, i like hip hop like atmosphere, talib kwelli, and sage francis
thanks, please help, and comment!
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[02 Oct 2004|08:01am]

[ mood | calm ]

My name is Eric and I'm new. I joined this community in hopes of meeting others who are like me. I've been edge since I was 16 after a bad experience while drinking. I however, made the choice to drinking caffeine for it doesn't harm me whatsoever. Since making that choice, I get called a poser a lot but I stick to my beliefs. As far as sXe and hXc goes, I LOVE hXc but I listen to litteraly just about anything. I hope to be welcome here.

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A thing called respect [26 Aug 2004|11:32am]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Hi, i just joined this community. My names Kristy and i am not edge.

I've been reading through the majority of the posts in this community and I think alot of you have a problem with the word "respect". Everyone seems to want to be heard, but no one wants to listen.

I don't feel i have the right to give my opinion on straight edge, because how can you judge something you've never experienced? I do however admire people who can commit to these sorts of life changes. It takes an awful lot of willpower to decide to do something like this.
I never used to think this way. Sure, i was one of those kids that mocked straight edge and carried on like an idiot once upon a time.

One thing though, i know it's been said before but, just because your straight edge does not mean you are any better than me or anyone else. I have been looked down on many times because of my lifestyle choices, but hey they are MY choices.

I think there's bad shit associating ALL lifestyle choices. What you choose is up to you, unfortunately more often than not it is influenced by someone else.

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[22 Aug 2004|03:35am]


september 11th
lions club (of doom) 4758 pratt rd memphis MI
doors NOON-10$

blood in blood out (spook city records)
symphony in peril (facedown records)
the calico system (eulogy records)
let it die (spook city records)
the alliance (vendetta records)
signs of collapse (saw her ghost records)
robinson (PA)
daniel (vendetta records)
and the sky went red (saw her ghost records)
see you next tuesday
till death do us part
as the dust settles
leaving neverland
corrupted silence
a horror film
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[21 Aug 2004|01:03pm]

straight egde seems to me to be about self-control and not getting bad things in your system or mind.

but what about gambling? anything against that? you can get addicted to it, could possibly ruin your life, and toy with your mind.

i never heard of this being unedge. just a thought.
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[01 Aug 2004|06:34pm]

So does edge mean you can't do anything illegal?
i mean... like once something is legal can you do it?
this wierd culture frightens me.
enlighten me.

can you drink at 21?
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[01 Aug 2004|05:37pm]

[ mood | happy ]

being edge never had a manual or a little instruction booklet.
Being straight edge is no certain set of rules. it's what you make of it. the traditional base is NO DRUGS/NO ALCOHOL/NO PROMISCUOUS SEX
I make edge what it is to me because I don't feel the need to gain the acceptance of you or the next person. i dont need to prove to myself that i am edge. because i know i am. regardless of who you are. for me, this was never about approval.
caffeine being non-edge is the most shit i've heard in a long time. IT'S WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT, if you believe it then hey great, you hold great restraint against pop and starbucks. But it varies from person to person, as with religion or another set of beliefs or lifestyle or culture. On the issue of militant edgers. I have been considered a militant edge asshole many a time. my opinion is, being up against the wall for your beliefs constantly would put you on edge (no pun intended) as well.
and another thing. don't say somebody is forcing beliefs on you unless they are beating you up or something. because honestly, what i say to your face, is exactly what it is, me talking to you. words out of my mouth. I could tell you "bla bla bla do this" but you wouldn't actually have to. If i physically put you in a position where there was no other way to do other than I said, that would be forcing my beliefs. I have no problem with non edge kids, most of my friends aren't edge.
I heard one of the best quotes in a long time about this while reading previous posts (i just joined and i think this is a great idea for both non-edge and edge kids). "Talk is cheap". I know personally, if somebody blew smoke in my face intentionally, i would take it as a spit in the face. and from there, you decide what you would do if you got spit in the face. What I say to you is different than what I do to you. what you do to me is different than what you say to me. words are cheap. and for the record, straight edge was never about power in numbers for me.

if you want, talk to me one on one and treat me like a person. aim me up at cowboydesolation if you feel like it. i promise i won't judge you whether you're edge or not.

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[31 Jul 2004|01:02am]

i'm seeing a lot about pushing sxe values onto people in here. heres my take on it

its fine to encourage it but NO ONE likes it when someone tells them to do something they don't want to do. its obviously annoying and its more of a reason for them to smoke, drink, and look down on edgers.

its so simple. only preach it when someone asks. and show the lifestyle. they'll learn more from than then just hearing you ramble about "edgers don't drink because its bad!!!" wtf?

all the jackass edgers that i hear of beating kids up for blowing smoke in their face and such... they're really not edge at all. straight edge is about self-control. and if you can't control yourself from beating up some other moronic kid.....

which brings up another thing. is there such thing as poser egde kids? the ones that don't drink, smoke, have casual sex, but really don't have a grasp on the values.

then again i have no idea what i'm talking about. i'm the only real edge kid anywhere around my area (that i'm aware of)
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QUESTION [27 Jul 2004|02:00pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I've recently gotten arrested and had moral issues. I just feel like I don't like myself. So I've made the decision to stop smoking, drugs, and drinking. But I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we have sex. I was just wondering. What are your opinions on sxe and sex? Do you think a sxe person should have NO sex AT ALL until married, or that a sxe person should not have 'casual' sex..but rather make love with somebody they have been with for a long time and are in love with and all that stuff?

I'm really curious/confused.

           PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!!

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